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The Paddock is back… With fresh perspective and renewed inspiration the crew has reassembled, excited and ready for this next chapter. Hearing the calls for a major multi-day camping festival, it’s evident that Tassie has been missing something and now Vibestown is back on the job.

But being back on the job is serious business for us, unfinished business even.. Our mission in bringing PITP back from the dead is to curate something that is once again capable of creating truly memorable moments and special times ahead. We’re dipping back into the pinnacle of what we created to set a standard of what Tassie punters and abroad should expect from dusty paddocks and independent music & arts festivals. Yeah that’s right, we haven’t sold the brand and don’t plan on it. Paddock is about as Tasmanian as David Foster/Boon, Blundstones, Boags Red, yucky Cascade, Joe Palmer and Murph The Weather Man… And now we’re back, we ain’t going anywhere. But before we solidify this thing as an Australian music festival institution, we need your help in getting the simple things right – please read the below Paddock House Rules if you want to know some of the things we’re about.
Much love, VT x


Surely we can all agree to make rubbish filled festivals a thing of the past! The earth needs as much help as we can give it right now, and being from Tassie, we’re proud to keep this beautiful state clean, green and WILD! 

We believe in celebrating not just music and arts but also our responsibility to the planet. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into the fabric of Party in the Paddock creating an atmosphere where revelry and environmental responsibility harmoniously coexist. This is what we are doing in 2024 to reduce our festival impact on the environment:

Reusable Cup System – Eliminating the need for thousands of disposable cups, this reduction in single-use items significantly minimises the environmental footprint of our event.

BYO Water Bottle – This campaign engages artists, festivals and punters to reduce plastic waste in the music industry by promoting reusable water bottles and water refill stations. We’re calling on you to eliminate single-use plastics from our festival!! Reuse your water bottles or reusable cups and refill at one of the many water stations throughout the paddock.

Recycle Centre – We are here to shed light on the art of recycling and empower people to leave no trace! Our recycling initiatives run out of the centre. Come through with a bag of mixed recycling and enjoy a free beer/cider on us. On Monday morning you can donate your non-damaged camping gear to people in need. We are partnering with Strike it Out Launceston who provide services to the homeless community and people in need around northern Tasmania. 

Dancefloor Trashmates – The funky, junky trash playmates are back!! We know how much you love being told to clean it up so we’re back on our bikes and coming for you. Powered by our incredible Green Team, we will be dancing around the campgrounds each morning to clean it up and take out the trash.

Clean Campsite Awards – Leave no trace! Let’s keep our beloved paddock pristine. We invite all campers to join in on the clean up effort by ‘maintaining a pristine campsite throughout the event’, or ‘undertaking a huge clean up effort’. Winners from both categories will be selected to win double passes for PITP 2025 and PITP 2024 merch.

Waste Stream Sorting – There may only be 3 bin options on site at PITP but behind closed doors we sort the waste into five different streams. Our dedicated green team handles the on-site sorting of all festival waste, ensuring that the amount of materials sent to landfill and contamination levels are kept to a minimum. Help us make a positive impact by being attentive to where your waste is going. Take a moment to educate yourself on the waste streams, scrape your plate, reduce, reuse and recycle.


Vibestown not only has a zero tolerance policy in regards to shitty behaviour, but we are actively brainstorming and implementing new ways to address the issue of toxic behaviour at festivals. Especially the encouragement and celebration of toxic behaviour at music festivals.

Our policies include:

A zero tolerance to sexual harassment and assault. Touching someone without their consent is a strict NO and festival goers who exhibit such behaviour will be ejected immediately from the festival.

A zero tolerance to physical assault and other antisocial behaviour. Any violence toward others, and/or making other festival goers feel uncomfortable by your behaviour is completely not acceptable. Anyone engaging in antisocial and violent behaviour will be ejected from the festival. It’s pretty bloody simple, keep your mitts to yourselves.

We consider the celebration of toxic behaviour just as ‘dickhead-like’ as the person doing it. Those cheering, encouraging, patting their mate on the back for being a dickhead will be treated just as harshly – sorry guys you’ve been warned. So, if you see someone doing the wrong thing, call them out (where safe, it’s time to take a stand) or report to your nearest security guard or staff member.

We do not condone or encourage the use of drugs, but we acknowledge that people still make decisions to do so. Please, remember, look after your mates. If you have taken drugs and you feel unwell please see the lovely people at the first aid tent, these guys provide a judgment free service and you won’t be in any trouble.

We strongly believe that festivals are for good vibes and crappy behaviour has no place here. As an organisation we are actively working to curate cultural shifts in a festival environment, we want to ensure that every punter can have a fun and safe experience. So, death to the ways of the dickhead – have a good, safe time and encourage your mates to do the same!!


The relationship that PITP has been able to develop with our local indigenous community over the years has become a fundamental relationship in the process of contouring the festival’s greater meaning and ethos. It has enabled us to develop a deeper understanding and respect for not only the OG Paddock (the land that we hold the festival on) but for the history and culture of the traditional custodians of lutruwita/Tasmania. Our Welcome To Countries are always a special highlight at the festival and over the years has really helped to expand Tasmanian Aboriginal culture at the festival.

“What I see is that culture is sacred, not secret. As in, everyone should be able to learn from one another. The knowledge of our culture is so important, because it directly relates to a way of life, teachings and traditions that man can live within harmony of country. Not only is PITP giving us the opportunity to educate and share our culture, but even more importantly it helps our culture grow, which makes our identity grow stronger as first nation people, therefore our pride in ourselves as first nation people grows.” – Craig Everett

A Welcome to Country acknowledges the country that you are on and is to welcome people to that land by traditional caretakers of that place. Paying respects to ancestors past and present, clearing all negative energy through ceremony. Welcome to Country is about reviving the natural energy of the land.


Party Smart will be roaming the festival grounds wearing Blue Vests. These are judgement free people who you can approach at any time if you are worried about the health and safety of yourself or a mate with anything drug, alcohol, sex, assault related etc.

Promed medical services are here to tend to general and emergency medical assistance.