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Fill out our lost property form, HERE, so we can return it to you if its found. 

Dates:  9th, 10th, 11th & 12th February, 2024

LocationQuercus Park, Carrick 

Gate Opening Hours:


Driving - Car Passes

If you are driving to the festival please ensure you have the appropriate car pass (either day parking or camping).

PITP encourages car-pooling as not only a cost efficient and environmental initiative but also because driving to a festival with mates enhances the experience, yiew!

Day Parking (no-camping)

Parking for day ticket holders is available. Make sure you arrive and leave within the gate opening hours.

Any attempts to park on Oaks Rd surrounding the festival will result in being fined & towed.

Can I get dropped off at the festival?

Yes, there is a drop off/pickup point for cars, Ubers and taxis.

Follow signage upon arrival to locate this entry.



You must have a valid festival ticket along with your bus ticket.

NO RESERVED SEATING, if buses are full you are not guaranteed a seat, and will have to wait for the next slot (although this is rare). First in queue; first to be seated. 

Drivers will endeavour to depart on the allocated times as accurately as possible.



The closest airport to the festival site is Launceston Airport. If you are coming from the airport there are no direct buses from the airport to the festival site. Your options include: catching a taxi, renting a car, or catching the airport shuttle to the CBD where we offer a bus service to the festival.


Can I reserve a camping site?

No, camping is allocated in order of arrival so if you want to camp with friends, you’ll need to travel in the same car/convoy or park and carry your tent to your friends campsite if arriving at different times.

If you want to get the best camp sites, we recommend coming Thursday the 8th and get first dibs.

Will there be family only/ quiet camping area?

A section of the GA campground for quieter camping. Tell the parking attendants once you have passed the gate check and follow the signs to the Mellow Meadow. 

It’s important to remember however that this is not a strictly silent campground with an enforced curfew but more so for those wishing for a slightly chiller neighbourhood.

Can I leave the festival and come back?

Pass outs are permitted for valid reasons but if you’ve driven into the campgrounds you cannot move your car out until Monday 12th from 6am, so you will need to arrange a pick up or catch the bus. If you do need to leave the site for whatever reason, you must not remove your wristband. You will not be issued with another one.

I need to leave the campsite with my car, earlier than Monday

Ask the gates & parking staff for the ‘Early Leaving’ section upon arrival so they can put you in the right spot. You may either set up your camp here, or park your car and carry your camping setup over to your mate’s campsite.

Please note you will not be able to re-enter. If you wish to come and go, you will  have to organise drop off /pickup, or catch the bus.


This is an all ages event. Anyone under the age of 18 must arrive at the gate, camp with and remain with their guardian for the duration of the event. Any underage patron found without their guardian whilst at the festival will have their parent and guardian called.

Underage Patrons / Guardian Requirements

  • Underage patrons must be accompanied by a responsible adult 21 & over or a sibling 18 years or over. 
  • Parents/Guardians will be required to sign an underage consent form stating that the nominated responsible adult has been given permission to act as the guardian for their child at the festival.
  • The underage consent form must be filled out by parents and the appointed Guardian in the presence of a witness prior to arriving at the event. The form will be available here at a later date.
  • One person is only able to be guardian for a maximum of two under 18’s, with the exception of parents bringing their own children. 
  • Parents may be guardians for 2 children who are not their own in addition to their own children. 
  • Siblings/Step siblings will need to prove your relationship when collecting your wristband. Examples of this include matching surnames or home addresses on your ID. We understand that all families come in all shapes and forms so if you are unsure please feel free to contact us.
  • Underage patrons and their guardians will need to arrive at the gates with their parent or guardian, camp with them and remain with them at all times throughout the event.
  • Any underage patrons found drinking alcohol will be asked to leave the event along with their guardian and any other minors the guardian is responsible for.


Full details about guardians can be found in the underage consent form. These rules are strict and will be monitored. No exceptions – sorry!

Underage Consent Form

If you are U18 and plan to attend the PITP festival with an adult that is not your parent or legal guardian, your parent or legal guardian must provide their consent.

Please complete the underage consent form here:


Kids under 12

Kids 12 and under are free when attending with a ticket-holding adult and do not require a ticket.


Does my child need a ticket?

Children 12 and under are free and do not require a ticket. 

Teens 13 and over will require a ticket.

Do I have to have my name on my ticket?

Nope – Now that the Tixel reduces the risk of ticket scalpers and COVID tracing is not required, names are no longer required on tickets.

Are camping and car passes included in my festival ticket?

You can choose from either camping tickets or non camping tickets. 

Car passes are not included in either of these.

Head over here to have a look at the options. 


If you intend to camp and/or bring a car to the festival you must ensure you’ve purchased the relevant ticket types before the event.

If you purchase a non camping ticket and later decide you would like to camp, you will need to contact Oztix to upgrade your ticket (pending there are still camping tickets available)

If you buy a camping ticket and decide later you no longer want to camp you will need to sell your camping ticket and purchase the new appropriate ticket.

I can’t find my ticket

If you have any issues or questions about your ticket please contact the lovely folks at Oztix at [email protected] or 1300 762 545.


Can I upgrade my ticket?

If you wish to add additional days or camping to your ticket you will need to contact Oztix to upgrade your ticket (pending that there are still tickets available).

If you wish to upgrade to VIP, please purchase a Club Paddock ticket on our ticketing page.


What is included in the - VIP Upgrade?

Upgrade your ticket to the ultimate paddock experience! VIP is here and it’s definitely a vibe. See below to see what’s included..

  • Access to Club Paddock – VIP lounge bar & deck
  • Premo VIP Camping spot 
  • Hot Showers (coin operated) & upgraded facilities 
  • Express vehicle entry (vehicle pass required)



Please see our dedicated Accessibility information page, here:


Can I bring my camera?

You’re welcome to bring your camera to the festival, providing it’s below DSLR quality – anything that has a detachable lens is not permitted. Professional cameras and professional filming devices will not be allowed into the venue without a media pass.

Lost Property

If you lose something special (or find something that could be special to someone else) during the festival, head to the Info Booth on-site to drop off/pick up any lost items. 

After the festival, we ask that you please fill out the lost property form and we will be in contact if your item is found.


What to bring?

  • Tickets (please print or screen shot your ticket before getting to the site)
  • ID
  • Warm clothes and sleeping gear if you’re staying over (waterproof tent and clothes are a must!)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sun protection
  • A good set of dancing shoes
  • Some $2 coins for the showers

What you can’t bring!

  • Gas bottles and canisters (including those inbuilt in vans)
  • Sharp implements ie; knives etc
  • Glass (any bottles, jars and containers)
  • Pets (assistance dogs with the correct paperwork are permitted)
  • Alcohol (Strictly forbidden, if found with this it will be taken and disposed off & a potential forfeit of your ticket)
  • Illegal substances/drugs
  • Fireworks/ flares of any kind
  • Laser pointers
  • Excessive sound systems will be confiscated
  • Personal motorised vehicles of any kind (yes that means motorised eskis!)
  • And any other object the hosts decide could be dangerous or disruptive to the event, this is up to their discretion.

All confiscated items other than drugs and alcohol can be picked up from the amnesty near the front gate at the end of the event. If you do not pick these up we will not hang on to them and they will be disposed of.


You are permitted to bring your own food to the festival. In addition there will be a delicious range of food vendors at the event who will be catering to all sorts of dietary requirements.


We have multiple bars and vendors around our site serving a full range of drinks hot and cold.

Free water refill stations will be available across the site, please bring along a reusable drink bottle as single use bottles will not be available for purchase.


Valid ID is required to receive an 18+ wristband.

These include:

  • Driver’s licence issued in Australia
  • Firearms licence;
  • Passport;
  • Keypass identity card
  • A document issued by a Federal, state or territory government department that shows the holder’s name, photograph and age.

How do I pay for stuff at the festival?

We accept cash and card.

There will not be a cash out facility on site so please ensure you have the cash that you will need.

Mob Vibes


We are looking for 18+ Local mob and First Nations people to be involved in our space ‘Mob Vibes’ at the festival curated by pakana Artist DENNI. Come and represent your community and contribute your time 1×4 hour shift to Art, Dance and Culture at the festival. 

In return you will receive a 3 day festival camping ticket.



Cheek out our volunteers page for more info on volunteering at Party in the Paddock


Paid Staff

We have a range of staffing positions on offer with various levels of experience required.



Registrations are currently open for food vendors and market stalls at the event.


Artists (Music and Performance)

The lineup for this festival is already locked in, however we are always on the lookout for new talent. Feel free to fill out our artist EOI form to be considered for future events.


Artists (Physical and visual)

Are you a maker, creator, interior designer or creative handy person?

Vibestown is always on the lookout for people who are interested in creating art, decor or design to include in our festivals.

Whether you are an experienced artist or good on the tools with a grand idea, let us know here.



Register your interest to be a photographer or videographer


For PR enquiries please contact [email protected]